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UNITE FRIM presentation during the Supply Chain Explained Session



On Monday, May 17, 2021, during the virtual "Supply Chain Explained" session, Mr. Christian Saunders, Director of the Office of Supply Chain Management (OSCM), invited Mr. Michel Bergeron, Chief of the Service for Geospatial, Information and Telecommunications Technologies (SGITT), UNGSC, to present the Unite FRIM (Field Remote Infrastructure Monitoring) solution.

“Unite FRIM is the outcome of a strategic partnership between core business functions and technology services", said Ms. Giovanna Ceglie, Director UNGSC, kicking off the session, "It enables managers and business analysts to make informed decisions for Intelligent Operations Management.”

More than 160 participants from the field missions, secretariat and offices away from headquarters, participated in this session, which started with the short video Unite FRIM Introduction - what is FRIM?

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The Chief SGITT, Mr. Michel Bergeron, laid out the vision of a “Digital Transformation Initiative”: the benefits, the partnership, the future Smart Camp, The Unite FRIM ecosystem, the sensors and meters. He made a review of “The Digital Transformation Journey” and pointed out the Programme’s Projects, implementation, and enhancements. Afterwards, he handed over to the FRIM team members to present some of the solutions powered by Unite FRIM.

Mr. Dario Palazzo, Systems Analyst, Client Solutions Delivery Section (CSDS), SGITT, presented the Facilities & Infrastructure Management & Monitoring Solution (FIMMS), and shared the videos: 


Mr. Avinoam Borovoy, Project Manager, Technology Development Design and Planning Section (TDDPS), SGITT, presented the Environment Action Planning and Performance e-APP solution and shared the video: eAPP - Introduction


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Unite FRIM is an innovative, operational planning and oversight platform that enables UN entities to monitor infrastructure systems, save on operational costs and reduce facility maintenance risks. It will dramatically transform and improve how the Organization operates in its ongoing quest towards sustainable development and a better world. 

The system has already been widely deployed to diverse work environments: from the UN Headquarters to 16 missions, offices, and agencies worldwide.

Mr. Michel Bergeron closed the session with a presentation of the way forward:

  • Unite FRIM Standardization;
  • Expansion & Implementation to other entities;
  • Extension of scope and functionality to additional domains to meet business needs;
  • Remote Management & Support;
  • Partnership, integration and provide FRIM Data as a service;
  • Unite FRIM as an “Internet of Things” platform serving a wide range of operational users and data consumers that will be accessing the information made available via this enterprise data lake.


(Mr. Avinoam Borovoy Melzer, Project Manager, TDDPS, UNICTFV)