We made a name for ourselves as UNLB: the first UN permanent logistics base.

We proudly meet the needs of UN peace operations worldwide since 1994.

UNGSC’s mandate is to provide critical Logistics, Geospatial, Information &Telecommunications Technologies services and Training to all Secretariat Entities, Peacekeeping and Special Political missions, Agencies, Funds and Programmes of the UN system worldwide.
UNGSC is comprised of three core Service areas:

• Supply Chain Service (SCS)
• Service for Geospatial, Information and Telecommunications Technologies (SGITT)
• Central Service (CS)

The first two encompass the core of the services we provide to peace operations.
Central Service, primarily a self-sustainment service for the Global Service Centre and UNICTF, also manages the Conference and Learning Centre, facilitating training and conference events for over 4000 visitors each year.

We are honoured to be home to several “tenant units”, offices that report directly to the Department of Operational Support and the Department of Peace Operations, while relying on UNGSC’s administration services and infrastructures.  


In Focus


UNGSC delivers Micro Uncrewed Aircraft Systems training to MINUSMA


From April to June 2021 UNGSC, in response to MINUSMA’s request for a technology solution to improve the safety and security of UN camps and patrols and to increase situational awareness, conducted a series of UAS courses in conjunction with MINUSMA Field Technology Section. [...]


What is Unite XR Programme?


Nowadays, our way of life has radically changed due to the impact of COVID19. Many of us are working from home, a new way of doing business that requires a dependency on technology like never before. Technology has proved a useful and necessary tool to maintain connection and communication with colleagues, partners, and sometimes family and friends [...]


Imagine our UN field operating environment alongside the ca- pability of knowing which generator is running low on fuel or which plant is registering what alarms [...]




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