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A Beacon of Service in a Troubled World

Submitted by Kristof Hamelryckx on 18 Jun 2024
18 Jun 2024

UNGSC was pleased to welcome UN Secretary-General António Guterres and Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of Italy Antonio Tajani to our Brindisi Base.

The visit occurred hours before the opening of the G7 Summit presided by the Government of Italy in the Puglia region and commemorated UNGSC’s 30 years of service to the United Nations and the cause of peace, evolving from a logistics hub to a multifaceted service centre.

Following an exhibit of UNGSC activities, featuring presentations by staff members, the commemorative ceremony was held with remarks by the Secretary-General and Minister Tajani, as well as the President of the Puglia region, and the Mayor of Brindisi. 

Recognized as “a beacon of service in a troubled world,” by Secretary-General Guterres, the Centre is considered a key partner in supporting new approaches to peace operations, including in collaboration with other key stakeholders, such as regional organizations, to advance shared goals.
“The success of the United Nations Global Service Centre is a source of pride for the Italian Government and for Italy as a whole,” affirmed Minister Tajani. “We look to the future considering this important anniversary as a starting point and aspiring to further contribute, all together, to global peace and security.”

Leveraging experience in successfully ensuring the continuity of the UN’s work throughout the COVID pandemic, and emergency support during conflicts in Ukraine, Sudan, and Gaza, among others, while fostering environmental sustainability, UNGSC has also become a global reference for effective crisis response. 

From our Bases in Brindisi, Italy and Valencia, Spain, which run on 100% renewable energy, the Centre is pioneering cutting-edge digital technology and supply chain solutions, and empowering clients on the ground worldwide.

Housing several other UN entities, such as the World Food Programme / United Nations Humanitarian Response Depot, UNICEF, or the International Organization for Migration, UNGSC is said to exemplify the concept of “One UN,” facilitating coordinated action where and when it matters most. “Global challenges demand global solidarity, and this Centre represents the very best of this spirit,” commended Secretary-General Guterres.

While focused on service to the field, UNGSC also actively engages with its host communities in supporting the UN’s goals, as emphasized by Mayor Marchionna who underscored the importance of the UN’s presence in Brindisi, in line with the City’s historic role as a “safe harbor” welcoming and connecting people across cultures.

To mark the occasion, the UNGSC limited edition commemorative publication Of Service: Stories of Solutions and Impact, 1994-2024 was officially released and gifted to the visiting dignitaries, along with special mementos, namely a painting by UNGSC staff member and artist Stefano Bramato, and a sculpture made of olive tree wood, by the Puglian cultural association “Cultura del Legno D’Ulivo, Rete di Maestri Salentini,” in light of the olive branch’s significance, as a symbol of peace.

UNGSC is part of the UN Department of Operational Support, Office of Supply Chain Management. See the live stream archive on UN WebTV or our dedicated 30th anniversary page here. Learn more at, and in the commemorative publication Of Service: Stories of Solutions and Impact, 1994-2024.

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