Supply Chain



WE, at UNGSC,  

Provide direct and unique Single Point of Contact for all Clients requesting our ISO quality innovative equipment and wide variety of specialized supplies in the areas of Engineering, Supply, Surface Transport, IT and telecommunication Technologies and Medical materials.

Our Customer Service is here to help each customer in their individual acquisition journey through our rich global inventories, for the best solution to meet every needs.

Our dedicated Asset Managers will conveniently help you identify surplus solutions and make free of charge items available to other missions.

Our Engineers and Environmental Experts are at your service to go the extra mile and help you with a wide variety of products, from tender packages, modular, specific and standardized designs for engineering projects to solicitation documents, guidance on budget preparation and Technical Advice for all your requests of Local Procurement Authority.

We also provide remote and on-site Environmental support for Rapid Assessment and baselining to Field Missions, provision of oil-contaminated soil remediation and capacity building when managing the environment.

Our specialized Refurbishment Services are available 365 days a year, to provide fast and efficient refurbishment work on all vehicles and equipment returned from the missions after liquidation or even based on specific needs.

Our Specialized Training Courses on Engineering, Transport and Supply Chain are open to unlimited clients and provide technical education and excellence on each functional area.

Our Mission Support Teams are ready all year long, to rapidly deploy, to any part of the world, carefully selected and well trained, experienced experts who provide flawless assistance on Logistics, Engineering, IT & Communication areas, and also bring support during Start-up, Sustainment and Liquidation phases of a Field Mission.

Our Field Contract Management experts provide tangible and timely support on contract management.