Strategic Air Operations Centre (SAOC)


Based in the strategic location of UNGSC in Brindisi since 2007, SAOC manages both the stand-by and permanent fleet of aircraft used for strategic operations in field operations.  Its function has evolved to include fleet planning for the strategic airlift, monitoring and tracking of all aircraft engaged in strategic long-term and short-term passenger, cargo airlift movement, and Inter-Missions operations.  SAOC manages the transportation of around 5,000 peacekeeping troops per month, in addition to flying VIP delegations, including the Secretary-General, to important summits and missions around the world. 

SAOC has played a critical role in ensuring UN’s continued operationality during the COVID-19 pandemic, collaborating to a comprehensive guide on “Containment Strategies for Prevention and Mitigation od COVID-19” for UN aviation personnel, crew and passengers. Since May 2020, SAOC has joined the UN-System Wide Covid-19 Medical Evacuation Joint Aviation Team lead by the World Health Organization, executing COVID-19-related medical evacuations around the globe.

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