Visa requirements/Travel


1)  Candidates selected for international positions in Brindisi, Italy or Valencia, Spain need a valid visa issued by the relevant authorities prior to reporting for duty; no travel can commence prior to obtaining the visa.  In this respect, the Organization will arrange for formalities to obtain the visa upon confirmation of the offer of appointment by the candidate.

The Human Resources Unit will coordinate with the candidate on the steps to be taken in obtaining the visa.


2)  UN Officials traveling to UNGSC Brindisi on training, meeting and conferences or TDY not exceeding 90 days, regardless of their nationality, will not be required to obtain a visa prior to their departure, provided that they hold a valid UN Laissez Passer along with: 1) valid national passport (six month validity); 2) supporting document indicating the travel purpose and duration. UN Personnel on training not holding a valid UNLP must obtain a mission visa prior to undertaking travel. Visas may only be obtained in the country of residence or of origin of the applicant, from Italian Diplomatic Representations (Consulate/Embassy) or, in their absence, in other Consulates/Embassies representing the interests of the Schengen countries. Please note: Italian visas cannot be requested in Italy nor can their validity be extended in Italy. EU citizens are exempt from visa requirements.


Countries whose nationals are exempt from the requirement of short-stay visas - Ministero degli Affari Esteri e della Cooperazione Internazionale


You can contact the Conference and Learning Centre (CLC) staff at for visa-related questions. The CLC will be pleased to forward your request to the Travel Office, Human Resources Unit. Should any difficulty arise during your travel, please contact the CLC Coordinator (Ms. Paola Pinto) at the following numbers: +39.0831.056100 or +39.320.1711652, or the CLC support team, Mr. Giuseppe Nuzzello at +39 0831 05 6102 or +39 342 596 7327, and Ms. Federica Petrelli at +39 0831 05 6849 or +39 340 380 3036.


Please be advised that depending on the place of departure, Covid-19 restrictions can be applied. In this regard, please refer to the following official source link of Ministry of Italian Foreign Affairs outlining all requirements in terms of quarantine, PCR test validity, and self declaration form to be filled in:

In addition to the Italian Government travel restrictions anyone travelling from abroad needs to self-quarantine before being allowed to enter to UNGSC base, this should be coordinated with UNGSC Clinic.

Upon entering Italy, border Authorities will require supporting documentation indicating the travel purpose and duration of stay.