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Technology Services

Office Space Services
On-prem Email Service (*)
Remote Support using AR enabled tools
3D printing Service
Storage Provisioning Service
Data Replication Service
Data Backup Service
Operation Resilience
Sub-Surface Exploration
UN Maps
Advanced and functional training
Geospatial Analytics and Intelligence
Groundwater Exploration and Monitoring
Solution Support Services
Central Patch Management Service (CPMS)
Anti-Malware Monitoring Service
Voice Communication Service
Video Conferencing Service
Digital Radio Service (TETRA)

Connectivity Services

VPN site to site
VPN/VDI Client Access
Network Compression Service
Network Connectivity Service
Microwave Connection Service
Intelligent WAN (IWAN)
Leased-line Connection
Internet Connection (ISP)
Satellite Connection

Hosting Services

Disaster Recovery Exercises
Rack Space Hosting
Server Hosting


Field Remote Infrastructure Monitoring (FRIM)
Event Management
Unite Observe

Solutions Support

Domino Application Hosting
Unite Geoportal
Database Hosting Service
Sharepoint Hosting Service
Geodata Service
Web Hosting Service
Standard Software Distribution Service
ROMA Service
GeoSolutions & Support
GeoAnalytics & Intelligence
Unite Maps
File Sharing