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Supply Chain Service

The Supply Chain Service (SCS) is a trusted partner in providing comprehensive supply chain services and support to a diverse and growing number of United Nations operations globally. With a commitment to supporting clients and partners in their mandate implementation, the Service specializes in delivering wide-ranging support in the sphere of engineering, transport, global asset and environmental management.

Whether assistance is needed to strengthen existing supply chain capacities, provide ad-hoc crisis response, or during the start-up or liquidation stage of an operation, the team provides comprehensive support, on the ground or remotely.

Our portfolio of ISO 9001 certified services is designed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of UN operations. Our teams go beyond traditional support by actively developing innovative and tailored solutions to help meet complex requirements in often very challenging environments, and facilitate the transition to more sustainable operations globally, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals.

The Service is committed to enhancing circularity in its operations, striving to minimize waste, promote resource efficiency and maximize the reuse, refurbishment, and recycling of resources.

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Our Flagship Initiatives

Our Services

Under the guidance of the Office of Supply Chain Management within the United Nations
Department of Operational Support, the UNGSC Supply Chain Service focuses on innovation and
engineering support; supply network management; global material life cycle management; and
warehouse and distribution activities. Our services can be tailored to meet different requirements
and provided both on-site and remotely.

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Planning & Sourcing Services

Strategic Asset Management Services

Provision of optimized sourcing solutions to clients throughout the organizational life cycle and during humanitarian emergencies and crisis, utilizing a supply network consisting of the global hub in Brindisi, Italy, and a regional hub in Entebbe, Uganda.

Services include the optimization of inbound logistics planning; purchasing; fulfilment of requests for assets through entity transfers; management of United Nations Reserve Stock, and Strategic Deployment Solutions, and coordination of specialized goods categories such as blood, accoutrements, and vaccines.

International Crisis Response

We work with UN System entities and partners to support crisis response operations.

Examples include support to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and other partners at the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant in Ukraine; global distribution of medical supplies and vaccines during the Covid-19 pandemic; supporting operations in Haiti with provision of supplies through the Strategic Deployment Solutions; assistance to the World Health Organization (WHO) following the earthquake in Türkiye and Syria, or the dispatch of temporary accommodation and personal protection equipment to Sudan in 2023.

Solutions Factory

This capability supports innovation and strives to deliver new approaches and technologies to meet the complex and changing needs of clients.

The team works closely with academia and UN partners to facilitate research and collaboration, while supporting clients in the management of projects and initiatives from inception to implementation stage.

For example, the team inspects assets and validates innovation proposals which are then designed, developed, and tested prior to deployment to a client. The team developed a containerized PV system which allows quick deployment and use of solar energy in locations where a fixed installation is not feasible.

Engineering Services and Turnkey Solutions

Provision of comprehensive and customized engineering services for clients worldwide.

Services include feasibility studies; functional analysis; ad-hoc design development and cost analysis/estimation; business case development; revision of solicitation documents; on-site technical assessments; on ground technical support; renewable energy and technological innovation; Field Remote Infrastructure Monitoring (FRIM) platform integration, as well as coordination and management support of (third party) turnkey project solutions.

Environmental Technical Services

Provision of comprehensive, agile solutions to enhance environmental sustainability and operational efficiency.

Services include the application of industry best practice in the planning, design, development, and implementation of energy, water, wastewater, and solid waste infrastructure projects, environmental cleanup activities, and hazardous waste management.

Our teams also provide environmental monitoring (including impact assessments, rapid environmental assessments, and baseline studies) and customized tools and templates. Technical support can be provided for periods ranging from a week to a couple of months.

Our services support clients in the achievement of environmental performance objectives, minimizing risk and cost reduction.

Certification Environmental Policy.

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Delivery & Return Services

Smart Warehousing Services

Provision of comprehensive warehouse innovation technology and support services, including warehouse layout design; shelves installation, and the deployment of SMART warehouse technologies.

Our teams leverage technologies such as Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), Near-Field Communication (NFC), container and vehicles tracking sensors, and augmented reality to optimize warehouse operations for clients.

Expertise extends to inbound planning and receiving; inspection; storage; dispatch; shipping management; oversight of physical stocks in Brindisi and Vendor Managed Inventories (VMI), and the coordination of outbound shipments.

Remote Property Management Services

Provision of assistance and guidance in remote property management, which includes monitoring and oversight; annual physical verification; write-off and disposal; annual financial reporting; data reconciliation and data consistency maintenance for serialized equipment and fixed assets.

Amongst other clients, our team currently supports 136 Regional Coordinator Offices of the Resident Coordinator System and 124 Field Offices of the UN Department of Safety and Security.

Strategic Deployment Solutions (SDS)

The Strategic Deployment Solutions (SDS) is a rapidly deployable capability that supports clients in a variety of scenarios, from the initial start-up to crisis response, enabling clients to sustain and adapt their operations in the face of complex circumstances and emergencies.

The inventory includes office and accommodation prefabricated buildings; environmentally responsible camp infrastructure systems; multiple vehicle categories; medical equipment and consumables; communication and information technology equipment, and general supply commodities.

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Enabling Services

Liquidation Support

Provision of comprehensive support during the process of downsizing and liquidation of operations. This comprises asset and inventory management support, identification of surplus assets and subsequent transfer or disposal.

Our team also provides environmental clean-up and restoration services, and contractual advice. In the case of the United Nations African Union Hybrid Operation in Darfur (UNAMID) we supported the transfer of 195 tons of water treatment products to local water administration authorities, as well as the treatment and disposal of over 14 tons of hazardous chemicals.

Contract Management and Client Services

Provision of support, guidance, training, and operational tools to enable clients to effectively monitor and manage contractor performance.

Services include the management of the Instant Feedback System (IFS) and Contract Performance Reporting Tool (CPRT), and the presentation of integrated data and analytics to track performance, establish adequate oversight and identify trends.

Additional support can be provided in facilitate information-sharing for cross-functional business decisions, improved planning, transparency, and visibility across the end-to-end supply chain.

Training Coordination Services

Provision of on-site, online and hybrid learning opportunities such as training courses, seminars, retreats, and specialized certification programs and courses on supply chain management; energy, water, wastewater, and waste management; and United Nations Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), among many others.

SCS Training Catalogue

Our Certifications

Certification supply chain SGS ISO
N. IT22/0122
Certification supply chain ISO 14001LR
Our certificate n. is 6067
Certification supply chain CISQ
Network Control Center - UNGSC