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Supply Chain Services

Asset Management and Inventory

Stocks Availability and contingency support
Logistics Support (PADP)
Planning material resources for Mission's start-u

Contract Management

Provide Contracts Performance Reports
Contract performance web-based enabling tools trai
Monitor contracts performance and compliance

Engineering services

Customized technical support to develop specific s
Standardized designs, templates and referenced dat
Solution Factory
Turnkey Project

Environmental Technical Services

Environmental technical trainings
Environmental project design and planning for perf
Environmental technical/operational guidance and b
Environmental monitoring (including impact assessm
Environmental technical assistance and advice (tai
Environmental risk assessment (including wastewate
Environmental cleanup (including oil-contaminated
Hazardous waste management and treatments

Fleet Management Support

Fleet Specification Support
Fleet Spare parts Management Support
Fleet Technical Support

Logistics Support

On-site Specialists Support
Mission's start-up
Mission's downsizing
Mission's closure
Mission's post-closure

Requisitioning and Sourcing

Acquisition of goods and/or services and establish
Engineering design and development of tender packa
Technical Support to Procurement Process
Technical review and provision of technical advic

Training, Learning, Educational visits

Provision and coordination of Supply Chain Managem
Seminars, educational interventions and Specialist


Inbound Delivery and Storage
Warehouse Innovation Technology and Support
Outbound Delivery and related Services
Disposal Services