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Integrating Gender into Technical Work

Submitted by Kristof Hamelryckx on 16 Feb 2024
16 Feb 2024

As part of the multiple efforts that UNGSC is making to proactively contribute to Gender equality, UNGSC was pleased to host a training aimed at strengthening the capacity of UNGSC staff to analyze technical and logistical work from a gender lens and to formulate actionable strategies that address gender inequalities.
In delivering the training, Monserrat Sepúlveda,noted that “technical work is often viewed as disconnected from gender” and provided case studies of technical projects that integrate a gender perspective, as well as a practical tool to facilitate ongoing work beyond the training.
Attended by 16 participants of diverse professional backgrounds within UNGSC, the training yielded multiple insights.
“My main takeaway is that we can and MUST integrate gender considerations in our technical work. Today I acquired tools to integrate gender in the statement of our requirements and scope of work. The training also raised awareness about aspects of technical work that may present gender issues, such as security, employment, capacity building. We cannot and must not ignore these.” Bernard Ibrahima Kane, Environmental Engineer
“Including a gender perspective in our workplace and projects can ensure benefits for UN Staff, the local community, and other stakeholders,” Angelica Longo, Engineering Assistant. - Integrating Gender into Technical Work - image 1 - Integrating Gender into Technical Work - 2 - Integrating Gender into Technical Work - 3

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