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Water for Peace

Submitted by Kristof Hamelryckx on 22 Mar 2024
22 Mar 2024

Water for Peace,” the theme for this year’s World Water Day, calls for the transformation of water from a source of conflict into a source of cooperation. 

At UNGSC, this vision is close to our heart, integrated into our environmental work in the field worldwide, where we help reduce water consumption, support sustainable groundwater management, including through the rehabilitation of community wells, and treat wastewater to minimize risk and support a positive legacy.

As noted by UN Water, “water can create peace or spark conflict, with over three billion people worldwide depending on water that crosses national borders. Yet, out of 153 countries that share rivers, lakes, and aquifers with their neighbors, only 24 countries report having cooperation agreements for all their shared water. As climate change impacts increase, there is an urgent need, within and between countries, to unite around protecting and conserving our most precious resource.”

Recognizing the criticality of this issue, beyond the technical support we provide for adequate water management and treatment, we also engage in outreach with our host communities, with a view to inspiring the next generation.

To mark this important day, in Brindisi, we were pleased to welcome approximately 130 high school students from Liceo Scientifico Enrico Fermi and the Istituto Tecnico Tecnologico Giorgito, to our Base for a World Water Day Ceremony, following hands-on exposure to the work of UNGSC through the immersive “Learning by Experience” programme and activities led by our environmental experts.

In Valencia, under the umbrella of the Young Ambassadors Network, students from participating schools Julio Verne HS, Escuelas Profesionales EPLA, and Ausias March HS, developed innovative projects including the creation of a vertical garden, a “water-tasting” in collaboration with local organizations, a survey on the perception and knowledge of water, and educational materials, including interactive games.

Throughout these diverse initiatives, students deepened their understanding of this critical resource and explored ways to support the realization of Sustainable Development Goal 6: Water and Sanitation for all by 2030, noting “We must not look the other way. All of us can take steps to advance access to water for all.” 


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