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Enabling Life-Saving Interventions

Submitted by Kristof Hamelryckx on 15 Apr 2024
15 Apr 2024

UNGSC was pleased to host the UN Department for Safety and Security (DSS) Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK) First Responder Course at our Brindisi Base.

Through this interactive, hands-on Course, participants hailing from UNGSC and other UN entities become proficient in basic life-saving medical interventions (i.e. controlling massive bleeding, opening and maintaining the airway of a casualty, and preventing further complications).

Following a final assessment, successful participants are certified as United Nations Security Management System (UNSMS) IFAK First Responders for two years from Course completion. Five additional sessions of the IFAK course will be held this year in Brindisi, with plans underway for future sessions at UNGSC’s Base in Valencia. 

UNGSC First Aid Kit Responder Course 2

UNGSC First Aid Kit Responder Course image 1

To learn more, contact UNGSC Security certified IFAK trainers, Alessio Greco ( and Annamaria Pinto (

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