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This process shows the process of the Write-Off (WO) & Disposal. It is a process that takes place in Umoja, there is a Notification which contains several tasks to be performed in order to reach the Disposal. The Notification and all tasks related are recorded in Umoja. By clicking on the specific buttons - Notifications/Tasks to display all relevant information referred to each Notification (group of Tasks), or to find the specific information to each tasks. Statistical information is provided (e.g., average days to complete a specific task) as well as practical information (e.g., who is the Task Owner, Approval Owner, Delegation of Authority, etc.). This report is relevant as it allows to show that there are several WO which seem not completed. At times, the WO is actually completed, however it is not recorded in the system as completed. This report gives us visibility not only on the productive day-to-day tasks, but also over those WO which are open for year, so the relevant owner can take action and complete the process in Umoja. This will close the circle of the material life cycle and allow a “cleaner” data system.


Category Property Management
Technology PowerBI
Owner Entity UNSOS
Data Source Umoja ECC
Access Management BIU
Implementation Effort N/A
Implantation Time N/A
Refresh Time 1 Hours
Focal Point UNSOS-BIU
Contact unsos-biu@un.org

WO & Disposal Report

Technology: PowerBI

Owner: UNSOS

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