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The Budget Monitoring Tool report provides a holistic view of UNSOS/UNSOM budget. According to the filters (grey headers tiles on the left) the selection will obtain specific budget details for UNSOS, UNSOS, or COST RECOVERY. Furthermore, a selection of current as well as past budget years is possible. In the top visual (blue headed tiles table) it represents the following: Appropriation: budget approved as per 5th Committee recommendation by Funds Center and Budget Class; Allotment (A): how money has been distributed at mission level after a budget review considering funds redeployments; Pre-Commitments (B): Shopping carts approved, but not yet converted into a Purchase Order; Commitments (C): Purchase Orders approved but not yet received; Actuals (D): Goods and services received and acknowledged for; Consumed (E= B+C+D): Total money “used” from the budget, either set aside (pre-commitment) or “spent” (C + D); Utilization (E/A%): percentage of money consumed over the total amount of budget allotted.


Category Budget
Technology PowerBI
Owner Entity UNSOS
Data Source Umoja ECC
Access Management BIU
Implementation Effort N/A
Implantation Time N/A
Refresh Time 1 Hours
Focal Point UNSOS-BIU
Contact unsos-biu@un.org

Budget Monitoring Tool

Technology: PowerBI

Owner: UNSOS

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