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The UNVMC Travel Expenses and Invoice HR Report provides visibility to Chief Human Resources Unit and the Travel Office staff on the number of Invoices paid per month, by Itinerary, and along with Ticket details, it also provides visibility on the Number of Trips undertaken, Trips Status, Business area, Funds Centre, Type of Travel and by the Employee group. The Global filters on the top allows the end users of the report to filter the data by Personnel Number, Trip Number and by Itinerary.


Category HR
Technology PowerBI
Owner UNVMC Performance Management Unit
Owner Entity UNVMC
Data Source UMOJA
Access Management UNVMC Performance Management Unit
Implementation Effort N/A
Implantation Time N/A
Refresh Time 1 Reatime
Focal Point Prince Kanago
Contact kanago@un.org

UNVMC Travel Expenses and Invoice HR Report

Technology: PowerBI

Owner: UNVMC Performance Management Unit

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