Standing Police Capacity (SPC)



The Standing Police Capacity (SPC) is the “operational arm” of the UN Police Division, within the Office of Rule of Law and Security Institutions/Department of Peace Operations (OROLSI/DPO), established in 2007 and based in UNGSC, Brindisi since 2009.

The SPC has two core functions: (1) Providing the start-up capability for the police components of new UN peace operations; and (2) Providing advice, expertise and assistance in the field of institutional law enforcement capacity-building. The second function has expanded in line with the Secretary-General’s vision of a more joined-up approach for prevention, crisis response, and sustaining peace across the UN system and the designation of OROLSI as a system-wide service provider. 






With a total workforce of 20 seconded and 16 civilian staff, the SPC has effectively carried out more than 560 deployments to field missions and non-mission settings, providing police technical support. Since 2019, the SPC’s activities including policing standard development efforts have been reinforced through the generous extra-budgetary funding from the Federal Government of Germany.  

In the current environment due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the SPC has effectively adjusted its working modalities and continuously supported various field missions and other UN entities by providing direct and virtual support on an ongoing basis.



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