We enable our clients to succeed by providing optimized services and responsible solutions in supply chain, environmental management, geospatial information, and telecommunication technologies.

Clients & Partners

We support field missions and extend our services to other UN Secretariat entities. We partner with a broad range of stakeholders including Member States, Regional Economic Commissions, International Tribunals, academia and private sector representative bodies.


We work with our clients and partners to provide flexible, customized, strategic, innovative, and responsible solutions. We strive to be a center of excellence in our areas of specialization maintaining a strong field orientation and leveraging our expertise to integrate state of the art technologies in the services we offer to clients. Our solutions are geared to clients that often operate in highly challenging conditions and balance cost effectiveness and agility with the imperative of keeping risks in check.




As part of the Department of Operational Support, our vision is focused on the following elements:

Service Excellence

Continuously seeking to improve our performance through optimized processes, professionalism, innovation, data analysis, as well as customer satisfaction and client feedback.

Trust Building

We provide a seamless and high-quality client experience, offering goods and services with efficiency and effectiveness.


With a view to its unique status as DOS global service provider, UNGSC aims to have in place effective relations with all Secretariat entities as well as UN Agencies, Funds and Programs. Furthermore, to ensure optimal conditions for its operations, UNGSC fosters close relationships with its respective Host Governments, academia and private sector bodies to mobilize enhanced support at all levels. To promote UNGSC locations as competitive duty stations, the Centre also works with local entities on priorities that are critical in attracting and retaining staff.