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Unite FRIM Standardization Virtual Workshop

2-5 February 2021


The United Nations Global Service Centre (UNGSC) hosted the Field Remote Infrastructure Monitoring (FRIM) Standardization Virtual Workshop from 2 to 5 February 2021.

The Unite FRIM is an innovative, operational planning and oversight platform that enables UN entities to monitor infrastructure systems, save on operational costs and reduce facility maintenance risks. It will dramatically transform and improve how the Organization operates in its ongoing quest towards a sustainable development and a better world.

As of February 2021, 16 missions and entities are part of the Unite FRIM Programme and engaged in different implementation processes. Over 13,000 TAGs (data collector points) and almost 2,900 devices have been integrated into the Unite FRIM.




The UNGSC Director, Ms. Giovanna Ceglie, kicked off the workshop, followed by the Keynote Speakers' contributions: Mr. Robert Kirkwood (CMS, UNISFA) and Mr. Michel Bergeron (Chief, SGITT).  The Engineering, Supply Chain and SGITT experts presented each area's voice on the importance of standardization.

The workshop was joined by more than 140 participants from 24 missions, offices and agencies, including data owners, consumers, operations, functional managers and technical teams. The participants were actively involved in the workgroup's sessions and gave their precious contributions based on the experience in the field, the expectations, and the needs to advance the platform standardization initiatives.

The participants discussed, negotiated, and agreed on the solution standards that will allow the Organization to set the baseline and enable the delivery of a consistent, predictable, flexible, and integrated suite of solutions to users, managers, technicians and personnel. This approach will ensure that the processes put in place enhance the quality, reliability, and efficiency of the services delivered while reducing costs, risks, and waste.


Mr. Anthony O'Mullane, the Director Operations Support Division/OICT, in his closing remarks for the workshop sessions, highlighted that the FRIM Standardization of Internet of Things (IoT) is a crucial step on the path towards establishing a UN Smart Camp Centre of Excellence where technologies, processes and training are brought together, new solutions are developed and tested, and where experts can meet for workshops and key personnel can be trained (train-the-trainer approach).