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At the UN, aviation safety is never on hold



The safety of UN personnel, police, and troop contingents is a top priority of the Organization.

The Aviation Safety Section (AVSS) provides guidance on how to achieve the highest safety standards, performance, and expertise related to all aviation activities.

Despite the travel limitations caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Aviation Safety Section team and its partners have continued aviation safety training operations.

In conjunction with the UNGSC Conference and Learning Centre and with the assistance of the Safety Assurance and Safety Promotion Unit, a 5-day induction course took place using a new “blended” training approach.

Trainees utilized different tools to facilitate participation in live-streaming sessions, online, and in-person sessions in a safe environment.  

“Judging by the positive feedback, as well as substantial cost savings, this is very likely to be the future of our training, wherever feasible. I would encourage all related personnel to attend and benefit,” said  Ovais Ahmed, Chief, Aviation Safety Section.

The 40-hour course is based on the ICAO TRAINAIR Plus - Competency Based Training methodology. Participants must first complete five e-learning courses required to support the classroom and remote courses.

Courses include: Aviation Risk Management, Aircraft Inspection and Performance Evaluation, and the use of the Safety database ECCAIRS.

“Distance learning, especially for technical training like this, is difficult without conscientious planning and implementation. The team of dedicated instructors not only made it doable, but also comprehensible for attendees of diverse backgrounds,” noted Salahuddin Pasha, Aviation Safety Officer (UNSMIL).

Staff members from five UN field missions attended. Two trainees participated in-person from UNGSC and another four participated remotely from Mali, India, Pakistan and Lebanon.

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The Aviation Safety Section is part of the Office of Supply Chain Management (OSCM) in the Department of Operational Support (DOS).





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