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Unite Field Remote Infrastructure Monitoring Webinar Let’s Sync!



On 10 June 2021, the Unite FRIM programme team hosted an online webinar to provide an overall status update, sharing the progress and milestones achieved. 

The agenda covered standardization, system contracts, new technology updates, lessons learned, and the future roadmap, including the new FIMMS (Facilities & Infrastructure Management & Monitoring Solution) presentation to the Unite FRIM community.

More than 100 participants from the field missions, secretariat, and offices away from headquarters participated in this session.

Mr. Omar Ali, the Unite FRIM Product Manager, began the session by welcoming attendees, presenting the agenda of the event, and inviting Mr. Michel Bergeron, Chief of the Service for Geospatial, Information, and Telecommunications Technologies (SGITT) - the Unite FRIM Senior Programme manager, to give the Keynote opening.

Mr. Bergeron gave a brief review of the Unite FRIM landscape, which included implementations in 17 locations and over 3000 devices, as well as the convergence of this Digital Transformation Initiative” with Unite FRIM to underpin the future UN Smart Camps, provide analytics to support informed decision making, and support plans for introducing predictive analytics.



Mr. Michel Bergeron then handed over to Mr. Robert Kirkwood, Chief of Mission Support UNISFA, and Unite FRIM Lead Business Change Manager.

Mr. Kirkwood described how exciting and extraordinary the Unite FRIM journey has been. Key themes were the optimization of monitoring events, freeing our hands and minds from low-level yet mission-critical operations, and the grand ambitions for the UN Smart Camp. The value created by the programme was also highlighted, as well as the importance of delivering value early to end-users to enhance adoption and buy-in at all mission levels.

Afterwards, the Unite FRIM team members presented some of the solutions powered by Unite FRIM:

Mr. Diego Gonzalez Ferreiro, UNGSC-SGITT Client Solutions Delivery Section (CSDS), introduced the Unite FRIM Standardization and Architecture project. Highlighting the importance of common standards to allow for implementation across all entities and field missions of jointly developed applications and solutions, greatly reducing cost and complexity.

Mr. Ivor Garcia, UNGSC – SGITT Technology Development Design and Planning Section (TDDPS), presented the Unite FRIM Training and Learning Path, explaining that, as the programme matures and is reaching a larger and more varied community of users, the need for training has grown with specialization according to each user’s role. 



Mr. Matteo Morelli, UNGSC SCS, Sourcing and Support Unit, presented Unite FRIM Devices, current systems contracts, and possible developments. Reviewing the wide range of devices already tested and verified compatible with the platform, highlighting the system contracts put in place to facilitate and greatly expedite procurement of any of the devices listed in the online catalogue.

Mr. Jose Luis Juan, UNGSC SGITT- Infrastructure and Operations Section (IOS), presented the Physical and Communication Layer. Showcasing the latest developments in communications options available and the work done on enhancing the overall security of the platform.

Mr. Dario Palazzo, UNGSC-SGITT - Client Solutions Delivery Section (CSDS), presented the Facilities & Infrastructure Management & Monitoring Solution (FIMMS) latest version of the web and mobile applications features, and showed the videos:





Mr. Cosimo Chimienti, UNGSC-SGITT - Client Solutions Delivery Section (CSDS), presented the Unite FIMMS Web User Interface Suite, the Managerial Interface. Explaining the benefits, the platform makes available to managers, including: Enhanced visibility of resource utilization, Access historical data and trend analysis, Better forecasting, Real-time customer analytics. All supporting and leading to better decision-making.

Unite FRIM is an innovative, operational planning and oversight platform that enables UN entities to monitor infrastructure systems, save on operational costs, and reduce facility maintenance risks.



It will dramatically transform and improve how the Organization operates in its ongoing quest towards sustainable development and a better world. 

The system has already been widely deployed to diverse work environments: from UN Headquarters in New York City, USA, to 17 missions, offices, and agencies worldwide.

Mr. Omar Ali closed the session with a presentation of the way forward:

  • Unite FRIM Standardization and Implementation.
  • Expansion and Implementation of Unite the FRIM Solution to other entities, including other Field Missions, Secretariat Entities, and UN Agencies.
  • Extension of Scope and functionality to additional domains to meet business needs.
  • Remote Management and Support.
  • Partnership, integration and provide Unite FRIM Data as a Service.



For More Information about the Unite FRIM Programme, please contact the Programme Team:

Omar Ali, Unite FRIM Product Manager