Geospatial & Information Technology



WE, at UNGSC,  

Provide direct and unique support and delivery of ICT services and solutions to field operations. We are the single point of contact for Peacekeeping operations, Special Political Missions, UN Agencies, Funds and Programmes with round-the-clock, high-availability and resilient information and communications technology, and geospatial information services (GIS).  

Our Client Solutions Delivery Section provides comprehensive corporate field technology solutions and support, from data capture and management, visualization, analytics, business intelligence and reporting, solution implementation and support, as well as environmental and ground water exploration services.  

Our geospatial experts are ready to provide the most advanced assistance on GIS Start-up Mission, Expansion or Liquidation; UN Geo Portal and Map; GIS Image Acquisition and Processing; GIS Spatial and Terrain Analysis. 

Our Infrastructure Operations Section provides resilient and innovative communications, IT services and all the centrally required equipment, hardware, software, communications and supporting infrastructure and services, to enable clients around the world to connect, using secure UN information and communications systems. Our Network Support Unit interconnects UN offices worldwide in a variety of environments, using Multi-Protocol Label Switching, Internet & Satellite Service. Our Platform Support Unit provides (24x7) support to clients: ​Hybrid (Public/Private) Cloud​, O365 Global tenant​, Identity and Virtual Desktop infrastructure​ and the hosting of the UMOJA IT infrastructure​. Our Technical Infrastructure Support Unit grants the setup and maintenance of all UNGSC/IOS hardware, as well as the worldwide remote monitoring of several services, including the management of water and electricity. The Remote Mission Support Unit provides IT remote support to field missions, including un-crewed Aerial systems flight school; UN Police and military recognisance; hands free support to several units including Aviation – e.g. with on-site Augmented Reality aircraft inspection, enhancing remote support by leveraging today’s technology through the extended reality programme. Our Performance Management and Optimization Unit​ ensures that ICT services in the UN field operations are fit for purpose and adds value to the operational requirements on the ground. It also performs an infrastructure capacity assessment, enabling field Operation Managers to make informed decisions, ​and manages the performance of the UN Corporate Information Systems (UMOJA, Unite Aware Suite, e-APP, Field Support Suite). 

We also provide a 24/7 Event Monitoring to our customers via the Network Control Centre (NCC), consisting of a remote system monitoring of servers, network, and WAN equipment. 

Our Video Conferencing Service provides reliable and timely services, and remote support to peacekeeping operations, special political missions and other actors in the field sustaining the Member States and the Secretary-General in their efforts to maintain international peace and security. 

Our Service and Information Security Management Section performs cross-cutting functions related to information security, risk management, information technology service management, operational resilience, common event monitoring and service desk functions.  

Our Technology Development, Design and Planning Section identifies, harnesses and operationalizes innovative and emerging technology solutions: from conceptualization, solution identification, proof of concept, introduction to field missions, streamlining and enhancing existing practices, and lastly mainstreaming successful technologies. 

We also provide ICT global asset management; support for the management of the ICT cost recovery framework for technology services provided by the UNGSC, including a range of related coordination services in support of ICT cost recovery clients and partners hosted at the UNGSC.