Submitted by caputon on Thu, 12/30/2021 - 10:41

Virtual Operation Centre for Mission’s Operations 


How are mission preparation, mission briefing and rehearsal currently performed? What if we could support these activities with a 3d map, integrated with georeferenced information and analytics and planning tools, used at the same time by different actors? What if they could collaborate and discuss together around a holographic common ground? 

The Virtual Operation Centre solution is the answer to these questions. It is designed to deliver a tactical sandbox, meaning a 3D holographic map, viewable in mixed reality through special headsets, that allows peacekeepers, UN Security and mission leadership  to review and plan their operational activities. They can have remote or on-premises access and take part in mission preparation by viewing and interacting on the same map with the same georeferenced data from different locations. The solution offers the possibility to create shared collaborative environments as well as allows, thanks to the immersive technology on which is built, to experience operational conditions in the field in advance and from remote. The solution is also fully integrated with GIS technologies. 

The Virtual Operation Centre project, operating under the umbrella of the Unite XR Programme, is a joint initiative between the United Nations Support Office in Somalia (UNSOS) and the United Nations Global Service Centre (UNGSC). 

XR technology can define a new paradigm of support for peace operations. It has the potential to deliver an immersive approach to operational planning and to mitigate the challenges associated with distance and inaccessibility of specific locations by providing: 



UNSOS and the UNGSC will continue working together on the next phase of the roll-out, ensuring a proper transition to operation and continual improvement of the delivered products. 

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