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FIMMS mobile applications now available for Android and IOS


For the past several years, the Department of Operational Support, the Office of Information and Communication Technology, and field missions have collaborated to develop a UN platform for automated data collection and monitoring for field missions.



As Unite Field Remote Infrastructure Monitoring, or FRIM, has expanded in scope, the need to make it more user-friendly has become a priority.

More and more users now interact with Unite Field Remote Infrastructure Monitoring or have expressed the desire to do so in their daily work. To help users utilize the platform with more ease, the Facilities & Infrastructure Management & Monitoring Solution (FIMMS) mobile application suite was created.

The Facilities & Infrastructure Management & Monitoring Solution enables users to engage with Unite Field Remote Infrastructure Monitoring data through their phones and tablets quickly.

There are three customized applications:

  • FIMMS Operational is for our technical colleagues. It focuses on enabling the monitoring of mission infrastructure equipment in real-time. Users can access the status and usage details of generators, UPS systems, energy consumption, water, and wastewater use.
  • FIMMS Managerial is designed for business owners as a tool to enable data-driven decision-making. It can show real-time energy generation and consumption levels, water usage across all camps and missions, and historical data. 
  • FIMMS Smarthome is for UN personnel who use mission accommodations. Users can monitor their water and electricity usage, helping drive environmental awareness and prevent waste.

The FIMMS mobile applications transform the complex data within Unite Field Remote Infrastructure Monitoring into simple and usable data, helping users to focus on the information that matters.

The FIMMS mobile applications (FIMMS Operational, FIMMS Managerial, and FIMMS Smarthome) are now available to all UN staff on Google Play and the Apple Store.

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